A page with the things I am thinking about, working on, and interested in.

Current Focuses

My current focuses are learning and growing as an Tech Lead Manager.

I'm focusing on a few things at the moment. serialfork is a hackerspace a friend and I are working to start in Indianapolis. I keep some TTRPG notes here too. I'm also working to organize my notes into coherent and evergreen pages. In the process, I'll be writing up my system and thoughts in Notetaking.

I also maintain a list of Tools I Like, with descriptions of the tools and how I use them.

Other Notes

  • An on-going project, I am attempting to DeGoogleifying Myself, with the purpose of relying less on a single tech company.
  • I have a list of Principles around business, coding, design, and life that I am working on refining and expanding on.
  • I'm constantly trying to learn and my notes on what I am learning can be found in Learning
  • I curate a few playlists on Tidal, which you can find at Sonar.
  • You also might like my Stashbook, a random collection of ideas, quotes, and other things that I like.

Page Resources

Top of Mind - Andy Matuschak