03082022 - Boundaries and Relaying Expertise

03082022 - Boundaries and relaying expertise

Catch up

  • Meditation going well, could use improvement
  • Didn't set up a Scripting day, but going to
  • Found some cool ADHD resources

Relaying expertise in to action

  • One way to be a good manager is to have a sense of people and organizational dynamics.
  • People don't listen to logic and rational as well as they connect to feelings and emotion.
  • Swaying/convincing requires an emotional expression - just relying on data doesn't always do the job.
  • Address the resistance and follow up with "and yet..."
    • Don't say "but...", say "and..."
  • What are the other stakeholders currencies?
    • I can't give them a currency they don't understand, I need to make them understand why it's useful.
  • Get perspective before trying to convince others
    • Look for commonalities and pain points
  • What is a compromise we could make?
    • Yes to one thing, no to something else
  • Creating a picture often helps people put things into perspective
  • What would be motivating to building RFCs?
    • Recognition
    • Kudos

Adding new things to your plate

  • What is a good way to let go of one thing before I let go of something else?
  • Developing boundaries (with others or with yourself)
    • "Here is the boundary"
    • "You've stepped over my boundary"/"You are about to step over that line"/"I'd like something in return" (negotiation)/"My line isn't moving, but I'm allowing this this time"
    • "No"/"Next"/"This isn't helping me and I'm taking care of myself"
  • Setting boundaries supports both parties
    • If I don't set boundaries, then others will fail, since I can't do everything
  • I have to recognize my own boundaries and respect those
  • Be transparent
    • "I'd love to do that, but I know I am bad about taking on too much. Can I have some time to think about this to determine how much I can take on right now?"


  • Schedule Scripting day!
  • Continue meditation -
  • Consider RFC process and relaying expertise