My process for taking notes has evolved quite a lot over the years. I've tried a ton of different tools and I think lately I've settled on a process I really like.

Principles of Notetaking

My goal is to take Evergreen Notes (which Andy Matuschak has done a great job of explaining in that link).

In addition to that, here is more on process/ideology:

Take Atomic Notes, that are exceptionally interconnected, with categorized/indexed through Grouped Notes. Focus on Being content not making content.

My process involves Writing for myself first.

Learning in Public

"Building a second brain"

This is a topic that I am interested in learning more about. I've found some notes from the online course and I'm gonna check those out first.

https://jamesstuber.com/basb-vs-smart-notes/ https://maggieappleton.com/basb https://www.swyx.io/tiago-forte-second-brain/ https://fortelabs.co/blog/basboverview/


I use Obsidian to manage my main note vault, which is backed up to a private Git repo. I have a custom eleventy site build that generates this site (grimoire.garden).


I've recently purchased a Remarkable Tablet, which I am using as a replacement for paper notebooks. I have a really bad habit of starting a notebook and then just forgetting about it. I love writing on paper, but it can be so hard to keep track of where I put something and paper get's expensive (not to mention the environmental problems). I'm hoping Remarkable will be a way for me to have the convenience and creativity of paper without the negatives.

It's too early to tell right now, but I have liked using it so far!

Scout Notebook

The Remarkable tablet is pretty big (about the size of a sheet of paper). Because of this, I usually carry a small leather-cased Field Notes notebook to capture on-the-go notes in. The idea is to then transfer those notes to either the Remarkable tablet or Obsidian, which ever makes the most sense.

Technical stuff (how this site works)

coming soon

Other Tools

There are a number of tools I'm looking into.


The non-linearity of this tool is very interesting to me.