“If you do things because you want someone else to pat you on the head, you won’t get as good at it as someone who does it for internal satisfaction. We want the best-possible building. If we set up a system that makes people compete for acknowledgment, we invite game-playing and stats-fiddling, even unhealthy stuff like working stupid hours to beat everyone. A crew full of unhappy people doing substandard work. If you build systems that make people focus on mastery, cooperation, and better work, we’ll have a beautiful inn full of happy people working together well.


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The Building



This space will be a dedicated homelab for testing out exploits and other infosec/pentesting related things.

TJnull's guide to building a Home Lab

Electronics Bench

A space for prototyping breadboards, soldering, and hacking with hardware.

Uses This: Ubi De Feo

Table of Contents


Printers (3D and otherwise), sewing machines, CNC, etc. Also contains resources for learning how to get started with this stuff.


3D Printering: Getting Started Is (Still) Harder Than It Needs To Be

How to build a simple, cheap enclosure for your 3D printer - Prusa Printers

  • RC

  • Amateur Radio


  • Hackerspace Code

  1. Be friendly, be kind The guiding tenet of the hackerspace - basically the platinum rule: Do unto others as they would like done to them.
  2. Free as in beer and software Unless explicitly marked (or explicitly being used), everything in the space is share-alike.